Located in the Greater Washington D.C. metro area, Your Equity Solutions, LLC. is your prime candidate to assist you in recovering equity in your property through a quick and efficient sale.

Your Equity Solutions is comprised of a team of experienced and dedicated real estate investors and agents, working with our clients to create the greatest returns on their property. We specialize in short sale, pre-foreclosure, and investment buyers.

We purchase properties all across the city and even if your property isn't a fit for us as licensed agents we can ensure that you have a convenient and professional experience as you liquidate your property. Our goal is to ensure our clients needs are met, from all ends of the spectrum, as we continue to build upon the trust worthy name we have established.

If you are in the market to sell your property, please give us a call at 202-851-5851 so we can inform you on Your Equity Solutions.



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"When my aunt was sick, she gave me power of attorney to address her affairs. When she moved down to North Carolina with me, we had to sell her house in D.C. fast because of the reverse mortgage she had. I received a letter from YES EQUITY and they informed me they were interested in purchasing the property in Michigan Park. After a few phone calls we came to a price that worked for us and we signed a contract over email. Once I was able to come into town they met me to view the property and informed me about the TOPA process. They were very knowledgable and were able to navigate through all of the headaches of TOPA to make sure we could close quickly. I would recommend Your Equity Solutions to anyone trying to sell their property with out having to list it on market. They are professional, respectful, and stand behind their word."  -Arthur Allen


I got a call from Mike not long before the holidays in 2016. He was interested to know if I would sell my triplex apartment building. I had just had my last tenant move out a few months before and I was ready to sell it. We scheduled a time to for him and his partner to come view the property. They did a brief walk through, took some photos, and said they will run their numbers and get back to me. They called me a few days later and after a brief negotiation on the phone we agreed on a price and signed the contract. They quickly did their title search and set up a time for closing and before I knew it my property was sold. Quick and easy wouldn't begin to explain the process. I didn't have to clean up the property or pay out any commissions, they even paid my end of the closing costs to make sure the deal was hassle free for me. When I'm ready to sell my last property they are the first ones I will be calling."  -Michael Mullen


When my grandmother was put in a retirement home, I had to help my mother and father sell her property in Riverdale, MD. Not long after that I got a call from Mike seeing if I was interested in selling my property. I informed him that I had no interest in selling but if he was interested we were getting ready to sell my grandmother's property in Riverdale. We made an appointment on a Saturday where he came, walked through our property, took photos, and asked some questions about the history of the repairs done. He told me he would be in touch on Monday, staying true to his word he contacted me first thing Monday morning and made an offer. After we reviewed our offers, we had one more that would pay a little bit more, but the professionalism Mike had gave us the confidence that he was our guy. He emailed us a contract, sent us a copy of the deposit he placed, and no more than three weeks later we were sitting across from the closing table where him and his partner closed just like they said they would. -James Miers


When the time comes to sell, there are always a plethora of reasons that bring them. May it be a property that has been vacant and needs work which you can not tend to, financial distress which is leading to a possible foreclosure, an unwanted inherritted property from a late great family members of yours, or back up on property or personal taxes which have put you in distress. The circumstances are difficult and we understand, that is why we are always willing and ready to work with you through any situation with respect and make you a fair all cash offer to get the property sold in a timely and efficient manner. Through our proven "4-Step Simple Sold System" we quickly gather a little information on the property, run our numbers, and make you an ALL-CASH offer in 24 hours. If you need some time, we can work with your timeline, just know we are here to help and provide excellent service along the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to repair my home before selling?

NO! Never! We buy houses “As Is”. No repairs are needed, saving you lots of money. We will give you a fair offer usually within 10-15 minutes!

Who pays all of the Closing Costs and other fees?

We will! With our program there are ZERO costs. NO repair costs, NO commissions, NO escrow fees!

Do you pay what my home is worth?

Always a FAIR offer. Remember there are ZERO Real Estate Agents commission, repair costs, holding costs, or stress about the sale of your home. We are a local, independent, professional real estate buyer, who is dedicated to making you a fast cash offer that will be beneficial for both of us. We are committed to providing you the fastest possible stress-free sale.

Who handles the closing process and paperwork?

Always our reputable Closing Agent. All of our property closings go through a fully licensed title and escrow company. We pay for all of the closing costs and all fees. At closing, you receive funds by either check or wire transfer: It’s your choice!

How are you different from real estate agents and brokers?

Simply this: Real estate agents “list” properties. We buy houses! Real Estate Agents charge you a commission to sell your property with no promise that you can sell your home. They can’t even guarantee how much your property will sell for. In addition to that, the average sale takes months. We will give you a written offer immediately and we will close on the date of your choice!